Quality principles and Quality Control System of Finla Occupational Health support our personnel’s commitment to development work and high quality. The principles cover all health care services and all supporting functions related to health care services. The very essence of our actions includes our key values: trust, competence and succeeding together.

  1. As a partner, we want to take part in building good Finnish work life. Our management is committed to regularly supervise the service quality of both customers and patients.
  2. The key of our operations is the ethicality and sustainability of our solutions. We follow the existing legislation and regulations of authorities.
  3. To ensure the safety of our patients, we require high education, medical expertise and continuous training from our personnel. We follow Current Care Guidelines and work hard towards solving the patient’s situation comprehensively.
  4. Long-term cooperation with our customers and knowing both work-life and employees increases the good quality of our services. To ensure this, we invest in long-lasting employments, good working conditions and supporting motivation.
  5. We evaluate the economic quality of our actions constantly. We think it’s important that the costs accord with the effectiveness of our operations.


What we promise, we will also keep.