Information about Patient Data Repository

The Patient Data Repository is a service in which health care units enter patient records from their own data systems in a secure way. The Patient Data Repository is being constructed in stages, and, therefore, the information will accumulate in the archive gradually, as use of the archive becomes more widespread. Currently, clinical patient records and examination results are being stored in the archive.

Citizens will benefit from the national service as they move around in different parts of the country, or when they need services from other health care service providers. The Patient Data Repository will make patient data available in all the health care units that require the data in order to enable a patient’s care. This will allow a better flow of treatment-related data, and no overlapping examina-tions or treatments will be performed.

In order for your medical records to be available to other health care service providers, you must provide your consent to this. The most flexible way of providing your consent is via the website, where you can also find additional information on the subject. Log in to the website, using your online banking access codes, a Mobile Certificate, or an electronic identifica-tion card. This will provide for a quicker service when transacting with health care service providers.

The My Kanta -online service allows easy access to your own medical records. Finla Occupational Health is planning to implement the service in April 2016.
Please visit the website today and provide your consent for later use. This will increase the safety of your treatment, whilst also saving time and money.