Finla’s summer opening hours 2020

Summer is fast approaching and so is the summer holiday season. As in previous years, the holi-day season will bring changes to the opening hours of Finla’s health stations. Remote services are agilely available, also with the new mobile app, all summer long, whether you are on holiday near or far:

Finlayson health station is open all summer
• No evening receptions between 18.5.-16.8.2020, open at 7.00-16.00
• No Saturday receptions between 15.6.-16.8.2020

Open all summer
• Mänttä
• Valkeakoski
• Hämeenlinna
• Helsinki Munkkisaari (open part of the weeks)

During the corona epidemic, Lielahti health station is only for treatment of patients with respiratory symptoms
• Also open during the summer as needed

Other health stations are closed as follows
• Espoo 29.6.-12.7.2020
• Hervanta 29.6.-2.8.2020
• Sarankulma 29.6.-2.8.2020
• Ideapark 29.6.-2.8.2020
• Kyröskoski 29.6.-2.8.2020
• Sahalahti 29.6.-2.8.2020
• Nokia 6.7.-26.7.2020
• Lokomonkatu 6.7.-2.8.2020
• Vantaa Hakkila 13.7.-26.7.2020
• Kangasala 20.7.-2.8.2020

Customer Service
Our nurse-driven customer service serves our customers throughout the summer on weekdays from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. You can contact us by phone 03 25639 555 or if your employer has a contract for remote services, you can also use OmaFinla for contacts.